Michael Lebby

Science Team

Michael is working to bring forward advanced materials, devices, and integrated photonics technologies that will generate extreme value as products. He is driving new frontiers in the integrated photonics field as CEO of OneChip Photonics, part-time professor, and chair of optoelectronics at Glyndwr University in Wales.

During the mid to late 2000s, while leading OIDA in Washington DC, Michael led the drive for green photonics, which have become a significant focus for the photonics industry.

Michael focuses on InP based photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) for data centers. He joined OneChip in 2013 to lead the company through fiscal restructuring, fundraising, and commercializing the library of optical components into advanced integrated photonic chip designs.

Glyndwr University plays a leading role in integrated photonics for the data center market on a global scale. Michael is also working with Glyndwr to create a center of excellence for integrated photonics in North Wales, promoting the commercialization of PICs for next-generation data center designs.

Michael recently worked with Translucent Inc. in Palo Alto to drive the company’s R&D efforts to commercialize novel epitaxial based materials that include GaN-on-Si for solid state lighting and power electronics using single crystal rare earth oxides grown by MBE. They are producing high quality single crystal MBE grown rare earth oxide templates for GaN MOCVD growth of the device layers. Michael also led the work for a solar and III-V on silicon program using GeSn single crystal compounds deposited by CVD. Initial results for single crystal GeSn-on-Si have yielded multi-junction solar cells for CPV applications, as well as high quality layers of GaAs on silicon for electronics applications. The goal of this work is to put complex device designs onto large-format, low-cost silicon wafers using novel single crystal epitaxy and run them economically in large fabrication plants.