Alonzo Kelly


Dr. Kelly holds undergraduate degrees in aerospace engineering and computer science as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in robotics. Al is generally active as a technical consultant in robotics and autonomous vehicles. Clients are typically investors, boards, and C level management. Typical assignments include evaluating technical teams for investors, helping to value acquisitions, advising on technology roadmaps, and identifying investment opportunities. He worked in the aerospace industry for ten years before returning to academia.

Less recently, Al consulted on robotics technology for industry. Clients included aerospace consulting companies, navigation test equipment vendors, AGV vendors, CNC machine vendors, medical equipment manufacturers, steel industry suppliers, service robotics companies, and military equipment manufacturers. Government clients included NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and DARPA.

Al actively works as the founder or co-founder of the following entities, and he founded or co-founded several more that continue to thrive under professional management. At one time or another, he has functioned as Chairman, Board Member, CEO, CFO, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Scientist.

  1. Custom Industrial Automation (Canada) – supplies inspection services to the steel industry

  2. Carnegie Robotics LLC – High tech robotics (guidance and sensing) equipment supplier

  3. Titan Robotics – High tech aircraft maintenance services based on robotics

  4. Locomation – Automated Trucking

  5. Analytic Technologies LLC – General Consulting Services in Robotics

Al is a full professor on the main campus of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). At the unique and world-renowned NREC facility nearby, he is a Project Director and is now transitioning to Chief Scientist role. Al has been involved in IP related activities in his role at CMU/NREC for about 20 years.