Lei Yu Ph.D.

Lead Scientist on thin-film research

Lei Yu
Dr. Yu, a native of Shanghai, P.R. China, received his B.A. degree in Physics and Mathematics from Kenyon College and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University.

In 2005, Dr. Yu completed his Ph.D. (Professor Nate Newman’s group) on the topic of developing new materials for internally shunted Josephson junctions for RFSQ logic circuit applications at Arizona State University. As part of this thesis research, Dr. Yu published a generalized model for SNS type Josephson junctions and was subsequently awarded the Van Duzer Prize by IEEE council on superconductivity for best research paper published in IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity during 2005.

In 2007, Dr. Yu joined the Physics Department of Rutgers University as a research associate. His research at Rutgers focused on design and fabrication of high-k/metal gate stacks for beyond 22nm-node CMOS technologies.