Doug Gilbert


Mr. Gilbert was the inventor of the Company’s core technology.

In 1984, Mr. Gilbert was a co-founder of Levco, a company that provided upgrades to Apple computers. In 1987 Levco was successfully sold to Supermac Technology. Mr. Gilbert continued at Supermac as a senior engineer for six years where he specialized in live video capture and playback products.

Mr. Gilbert is the named inventor of 2 patents held by Supermac. Before founding Levco, Mr. Gilbert was an engineer for Teleplex Corporation, an industrial networking company, where he designed and implemented its computer interfaces for its robust, serial network. Before Teleplex, Mr. Gilbert designed the hardware, OS and software for robotics control systems at White Data System, which provided automation controls for large companies, such as Motorola and Hewlett Packard. Mr. Gilbert holds a BS in Industrial Technology with an emphasis in electronics from San Diego State University.