Davis Hartman

Physicist in Residence

Davis HartmanDavis earned a B.S. in Physics at Upsala College before continuing on to The University of Arizona to complete his Ph.D. while studying Experimental High Energy Physics and Experimental Cosmic Ray Physics: Extensive Air Shower physics. Measurement of the primary cosmic ray spectrum from 1011 EV to 1016 eV, using the atmospheric Cerenkov technique. His post doctorial research focused on Space borne Cosmic Ray Physics at The University of Arizona: TOFFIMS (Time of Flight Field-Ion Mass Spectrometer, later called NGE (Neutral Gas Experiment). Experiment was a payload on VEGA 2, which flew by Halley’s Comet in December 1984.

Davis has worked as a research scientist for Bell Laboratories as well Bellcore (AKA Telecordia). Davis began working with Motorola, Inc. as the Engineering Manager and later moving into the role as Technical Leader. He ended his nearly two decade relationship with Motorola, Inc. as the Director of the Systems Technology Research Department.

During his time with Motorola, Inc. Davis worked on the Pierre Auger Project; an international effort to study the highest energy cosmic rays. Under special assignment, he acted as research liaison between Dr. J. Cronin, University of Chicago Physics Department (Nobel Laureate), and Robert Galvin, former Motorola CEO and current Director Emeritus of the Motorola Board of Directors. Together, they designed a fixed wireless LAN data collection system for the Auger Project’s sixty-mile diameter extensive air shower detection system.

The southern hemisphere array was subsequently funded (DOE) and developed in Pampa Amarilla (Western Argentina) where is continues to accumulate data. Davis continues communication with Dr. Cronin and recently met with him in October 2010 to review the experimental results and work in progress. At Bellcore and Motorola (1981 1998), he explored the fundamental limits of electrical interconnections, and set design goals for practical adaptation of the optical alternative. Davis led a team that developed acrylate based radiant cured polymer materials for patterned channel optical waveguide fabrication on electronic substrate materials.

He then moved onto Paladin Science/Engineering where he worked as an Independent consultant and General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems as a Technical Staff member. Davis is currently a Payload Architect working with Orbital Sciences Corp.

Davis has published more than 50 technical articles and three non-technical articles, as well as three book chapters. He has 48 patents issued in topics covering systems design, circuit design, optoelectronic packaging, and device design.