Ketan Patel

Board Member

ketan-patelKetan Patel is the founder and CEO of Eccretive LLC, an Internet Business Holding company with assets in the Education, Energy and Healthcare Industries. Eccretive focuses on developing cash flow producing businesses for investors and clients. Eccretive targets a 4x revenue increase by increasing search traffic and conversions using analytic feedback and behavioral marketing.

Prior to founding Eccretive, Ketan was the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for GoldBamboo LLC, a health website that allows consumers to compare alternative health information side by side with conventional medical science.

Ketan has over 20 years experience developing and marketing information systems and solutions that use data to drive business intelligence and decision support systems. He has also published several articles on XML and as worked as a technical advisor for HL7, the W3C and the OAGI. In addition, Ketan is the Inventor of two patents: Markup Language Encapsulation Patent and Markup Language Routing and Administration patent.

Ketan completed his undergraduate work at Johns Hopkins University and Boston University and graduated with high honors with a degree in Electrical Engineering and enjoys living in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, 2 sons.