Geoff Williamson

Vice President of Business Development

Geoff WilliamsonSince 1997 Mr. Williamson has been an active, executive-level business manager, specializing in early stage CleanTech/GreenTech companies and technologies. He has been instrumental in coordinating investment rounds for a number of start-ups and has managed incubator groups within large corporations.

Past companies include CellNet Data Systems,, Sage Systems, Invensys and Trilliant Networks, Inc. Most recently Mr. Williamson lead the business and investment case development for a North American-based, early-stage control systems company that successfully raised in excess of $17M of private equity. This enabled them to enter into the emerging smart grid – connected premises market place.

Before 1997, Mr. Williamson managed business units for Honeywell and Johnson Controls in the Asia-Pacific. For Ambature, Mr. Williamson is responsible for strategic partnering, business & market development, sales and investor relations.