Corporate Info

Ambature’s Mission is to create and license extremely low resistance materials which will increase the efficiency of generation, distribution and use of electricity.

Our Vision is our world where clean, inexpensive and abundant electricity provides opportunities for every person to thrive.

Ambature, Inc. is an Intellectual Property licensing company that makes a synthetic material that can be substituted in a number of industries to reduce the amount of electrical resistance in the current products in these industries. It can also be used to make products that do not currently exist due to technological constraints. Electrical resistance leads to less than optimal performance. We can make these products better, faster, cheaper, more energy efficient and/or smaller. These materials are usually found in the form of a thin film or wire depending on the application.

We are currently focused on thin film technology applications and superconductive powders. You find these materials for example in MRI machines, integrated circuits ,sensors, bolometers, maglev trains and cell phone towers. These materials are sometimes characterized as being high temperature superconductors (“HTS “) or extremely low resistance materials (“ELR”). Magnetism or magnetic fields are normally found as a by-product of superconductors.

Superconductive materials have been around for 100 years but required cold temperatures to be effective – as low as absolute zero. Over the last 100 years, significant improvements have been made in this area where superconductors have reached zero resistance at about 90 degrees Kelvin. Our materials build on these technologies but produce lower resistance at warmer temperatures.

These materials have three properties that are important to how they can be used in commercial applications:

  • the ability to remain stable at or near room temperature
  • the ability to have electricity flow with as little resistance as possible with or without some type of cooling
  • the ability to expulse a magnetic field

Our technology development is currently done in conjunction with one of the top Universities in the world in the area – Arizona State University (“ASU”). Many universities have a scientific focus in this area but few have the equipment required to actually make, characterize and test these materials. Our technology results has been reproduced successfully in varying degrees by ASU and the Jet Propulsion Lab in California .We are now at the stage of being able to repeat our scientific results and are currently exploring commercial applications.

Our strategy is to:

  • innovate , protect , license and defend our IP
  • provide analytics and best practices based on our competitive advantage in the applications of our industry verticals
  • acquire or licensee third party technologies in our area that complement our strategy or that could become competitive