Establishing High Worth Patent Portfolios – CIPA Congress

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Views from Roya Ghafele, OXFIRST Ltd. on why business strategy is crucial to building a patent portfolio.

Historically, economic considerations associated with filing patents have been given insufficient consideration. Portfolios have been created without a thorough investigation of where markets are heading, how competition is performing and how the IP a firm generates relates to its business strategy. It comes thus at no surprise that significant portfolios sit gathering dust. According to recent survey data by the E.U.’s ‘PatVal’, 36% of European patents are not used for industrial or commercial purposes. In specific sectors, such as chemical- based and electronics- based industries the number of unused patents can be as high as 75-90%.[1] Data from Japan is not much more encouraging either, where apparently 50% of patents are not used. The world is not that gloomy, however. At the same time, as dormant patents are observed all over the world, a range of high visibility patent sales & IP-driven M&A transactions can be documented in the market as well.[2]